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Pedestrian gate barrier ST-T332
Pedestrian gate barrier ST-T332
Pedestrian gate barrier ST-T332
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Function features

Combine with aluminum,easy to deliver and install.It’s durable,so can be used outdoor.

The appearance is beautiful,meanwhile,Door’s two sides can install advertising screen which is easy to install and dismount.

Inside advertising screen is with LED light.It automatic closes day time, and opens at can save electricity by adjusting time.

Multiple controlling way for user option.,It not only achieve manual operation by connecting control box button.but choose remote control device to control access door’s operation.,Support operation of manual opening ,closing and stopping door.

Integrate with light,electricity and machine control,make operation easier,could according to user’s requirement.

With adjusted function of 10 level PWM’s opening and closing door,which can both be independent setting,it meets controlling requirement of different size’s door.

With function of slow down and reach in place,make system’s operation more stability.

With high accurate clock,make sure accurate time control.

With anti-crash function when open and close,In order to prevent system damage.

Support RS485 communication function and broadcasting controlling way,receive remote network connection’s controlling.

With humanized warning tone of opening and closing door,and door will reach.Provide user’s experience.

Swing barrier working video

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