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DC 24 Barrier gate ST-D107
DC 24 Barrier gate ST-D107
DC 24 Barrier gate ST-D107
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Speed is adjustable. 1.5 second motor, speed can be 1.5s ec to 3s ed ; And 3 second motor, speed can be 3s to 6s. Open & close speed can be different.
Auto bounce back function. Built-in sensor can detect when arm hits obstacle.
Auto slow down function. Barrier arm will auto slow down when it will fully close or open.
Intelligent limited sensor. Limited sensor can check open & close position automatically. No need adjust it by hand.
Position memory function. The motor can remember limited position, so it will move back to right position even we turn motor handle to avoid motor stuck.
Lower working temperature. No thermal protection even we don’t add fan to cool motor.
Longer working life. It can open and close 3million times

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Shining Tech Inc.

Add:  No.91,Tangtian South Road,Tangxia Town,Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Tel: +86 755 89398806

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