Smart parking lot management system

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Shining Tech parking lot smart management system, at the basis of current successful parking management system, to further develop and combine, make full use of smart card tech ,computer tech ,digital electronic control tech and machine manufacture tech, finally realize the parking lot high smart management. besides the performance and features of other brand, Shining  brand also have following features:


1.Hardware device module design

         Hardware device adopt the module design idea,not only helpful to system function extension ,update, but also convenient for user function choice and repair replacement ,not disturb system whole operation. especially meet the different requests of different card reader distance from all users.

      2.Interlock card counting system

       Device control system could set up as reading card with a car , reading card without a car,dispense card with a car,dispense card without a car and managing computer dispensing.

       3.One car one card function

       Driver read card or dispensing card,if it double read card,the system will lock automatically,Chinese display would remind driver"successfully read,pls drive ”if now other driver read system,Chinese display would would remind”pls read card later”.

      4.System real time monitoring function

       Parking barrier adopt smart digital parking barrier,computer could detect the open status in real time and detect automatically,it could show the open and close status even without a comparison picture in the smart parking management system software.device control system could deliver the system status to computer in real time,and then display screen could show the barrier’s open or close status,people could speak directly to machine.

      5.Multitasks  management,system is more reliable

      Parking barrier open use double control,after system read card,when device control system deliver an open order via communication wire, meanwhile output the the level signal,these two function operate synchronize,which is more stable for system operation to avoid the crowding phenomenon caused by barrier failing open.

     6. Complete charge standard mode

     Fee collection standard could be upload any time,any amount(first   minutes free,within one hour charge  __Yuan ,after one hour charge  __Yuan ,maximum __Yuan),it broke the stable charge mode in same sort products,vehicle collection standard could be setup on software by system administrator,lowest unit is “yuan”.after setup,management computer download it to entrance and exit control machine,realize site charge operation.

    7.Reliable date transfer function

     Management computer and system device communication has strict mutual agreement,system check and correct each log strictly,to confirm data transmission integrity and safety,the data transmission reliability could reach 100%.but other same sort products has the advantage that the data loss during transmission.

    8.Strong system memory capacity and black list function

    The log storage amount could reach 10000 pcs above,black list amount could reach 10000 pcs above,card dispense amount could reach 65000 pcs,maximum 1000000 pcs.

    9.Chinese English display screen functional diversification

   Chinese English display could publish and change information at any time,varies display mode,humanized display content,simplified operation control,it refresh and display the parking lot status and meet the various request.Its  modularity and integration is number one in similar products.

    10.Anti card theft function

    Hardware device system realized the anti card theft function,in same industry, it is serious that monthly card driver stole the temporary card in other similar products ,but Shining parking system has avoided it.

     11.Multi-mode management

     System could use one entrance-exit control machine to manage many barriers,according to different card types.

     12.IC,ID long and near distance cad reading system compatible

     Our system make IC,ID long and near distance card reading system compatible,value card driver and month card driver could use long distance ID card,and enter and exit by reading card without stopping.

     13.Off line operate function

      When computer break down or close,system could work normally and store the data to computer untill it recover.IC/ID card could operate offline.In this same condition other products could only do by manual management to keep the system running



























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