Shining developed Advertising door ST-T330M

Shining developed Advertising door ST-T330M   Classification:Company News  Show time:2017-02-18 11:55:54

Smart pedestrian , protect for your safety

Modern fashion appearance,unique style.

High technology configure ,protect for your safety .

Can use both indoor and outdoor,convenient installation and transport


1The whole assembly is made of aluminum, which is convenient to transport, easy to install and beautiful in appearance

2The front and back surfaces of leaf with commercial value, can be placed advertising pictures.

3The doors are installed around the internal LED lamp lighting, advertising pictures at night more beautiful and colorful.


Characteristic description

1The door lock can lock on the electromagnet, under tension 180kg after close.  

2Various access control on the market can be read, the realization of smart card area

3According to different needs, can be adjusted to open the door delay time (1-10S)

4,Advertising door will automatically shut down after people passed .


1, working voltage: DC 12 V

2, read card distance: 20 mm less than l less than 60 mm,

3working temperature: -25-65 degrees Celsius,

4maximum record capacity: 60000,

5communication interface: RS 485, TCP / IP

6, number of users: no limit

7Channel door size: 1453*368*1468 mm,

8advertising picture size : 648*1078 mm


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