Shining’s 2017 Spring Festival Gala perfectly finished

Shining’s 2017 Spring Festival Gala perfectly finished   Classification:Company News  Show time:2017-01-09 10:45:25
Summery:Shining’s 2017 Spring Festival Gala perfectly finished

Shining International Tech Limited solemn held big party for 2017 New Year at Ankuai park in 6th Feb,2017.

At 5:30 pm, Boss Chen announced Today is the day which say goodbye to the past,welcome to future.Company has prepared large pot of vegetables according to Guangdongs traditional custom.He believed everyone is happy,because we can stay together and enjoy the delicious dinner at the moment.Then Appreciated dinner started.We chess to bless New Year with Company leaders together.

At 7pm,Party was beginning with Shinings promo and Good Luck which is opening dance.We watched the promo which showed Shinings growing up with company leaders, suppliers representatives and special guests together.We stay togeter and enjoy this dinner,It not only summarize for the past,but also prepare for New Yearss work.




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