Parking Advertising Barrier Advantages

Parking Advertising Barrier Advantages   Classification:Industry News  Show time:2015/2/5 14:46:34
Summery:parking advertising barrier advantages

Parking advertising barrier, as a new fashion advertising media, on which advertising companies focus in these years, becomes more and more popular between security and advertising field. Compare to the other advertising media, advantages are revolutionary.

1.    Delivery area

Install road gate in the high-end residential, office buildings, hotels, shopping plaza entrance ,the brilliant screen advertisement which is anti-wind, motor thermal protection, anti-lightning, anti-surge,delivered through box, as a new advertising media.

2.    High-endaudience

Giving up the homogenization of competition, but also 70% of the general audience crowd, the barrier’s ads has targeted a 30% tip consumer groups - groups of carand house, but this part of the population account for 75% of the consumer market .

3.    Mandatory spread

Barriers installed at the entrance of the building, where people passed by every day. Accordingto the physiological responses of people, when barrier’s arm is opening ordowning, audiences will certainly pay attention to moving target and decide togo ahead, so advertising has great effect of spread.

4.    High repeatability

Thead is installed in the entrance of the property, people must have seen iteverytime they out, that greatly improve the exposure rate of advertisement, sothe audience have a profound impression on advertising content , easily build awareness of enterprise and brand.

5.    Less interference

Compared to television, newspapers, radio, outdoor advertising phase. No any form of advertising media around, the advertising barrier set at the area of being quietand warm, the audiences used to have a very strong brand memory.

6.    Cost-effective

Ifyou deliver the ads to specified area, the use of Barrier advertising, just puta few entrances and exits easy to get! But if you use other media, then aminimum of dozens of advertising! (At least there are dozens of residential elevators), so cost can not match the price!


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