Chinese Parking Industry Development

Chinese Parking Industry Development   Classification:Industry News  Show time:2015/2/6 16:21:17
Summery:Chinese Parking Industry Development

With the rise of automobile industry and development of urbanization, the intelligent parking lot and management system are used more and more commonly in Chinese residential district, large shopping malls and other organizations. There is an increasingly demand for parking management and intelligentize while people urgently demand an automated, better, efficient and convenient intelligent parking management. With the constant expansion of parking lot, the stereo garage and intelligent parking management equipments have become a huge potential field in market demands. In recent years, the quantity of auto possession grows rapidly and the current growth is still obvious. The vehicles which appeared in great numbers have brought us convenience, while some social problems caused by it such as traffic jam, environmental pollution and other problems are exposed day by day and have become a bottleneck to restrict the automotive development. Due to the problem of more cars with fewer parking lots has accelerated increasingly, the hard-to-park problem not only confuses the car owners, but also affects the traffic smoothness and environmental order in the urban, so to solve it has become an urgent problem.


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